Friday, April 22, 2005


My apologies for those of you awaiting the next turns of my SASL game. I've been preoccupied by some other things recently (not least of which is GMT's new game Empire of the Sun). The next part of the AAR will arrive soon.

I've updated some of the links in the sidebar along the left side of this page, including links to the existing parts of my ongoing SASL AAR. One link in particular worth pointing out is a link to "CardBoard Warriors," a relatively new site. The moderator is trying to make the site a clearinghouse of sorts for news from the ASL world, especially as it pertains to new and impending releases. Given that ASL's online community is now spread among several sites (the mailing list, ConSimWorld, and the Warfare HQ forums), such a centralized news site is very welcome.

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