Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Yet More Rules to Remember 

On Perusing the Chapter Dividers

12. An original To Hit DR of 12 with a Panzerfaust causes Casualty Reduction to the firer (C13.36)

13. A CC attack vs. a crewed vehicle with an original To Hit DR of 12 causes Casualty Reduction for the attacking unit (A11.621)

It's nice to sit down and read over the chapter dividers on occasion (they make good bathroom reading, if nothing else). They make nice light reading, and more importantly will often point out something obscure you've been overlooking for some time. The summaries on the Chapter B divider which list the effects of various original DR (Doubles, original 2, original 12, etc.) are particularly nice. Reading through these earlier brought these two rules to light. I can't for the life of me recall dealing with "boxcars" in either of these situations before, but certainly can't seem to recall being aware of these either.

Obviously, it's fairly easy to know when to look for these events. Rolling "boxcars" should always trigger a warning that something bad may have just happened to the person who rolled the dice when it happens. But these summaries certainly help clarify just what all of these potential events happen to be. They also help in pointing out when something happens beyond the obvious. For example, most infantry attacks which roll a 12 don't really have any effect on either the attacker or the target. However, if Ammunition Shortage (A19.131) is in effect, it causes Unit Replacement for the attacking unit.

Reading the rulebook periodically is important for learning and retaining the ASL Rules. However, these chapter dividers do a very good job of summarizing and collating some of the most pertinent rules issues, and reading over these on occasion will greatly benefit your ability to play the game.

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