Friday, July 23, 2004

Delays, delays 

My apologies to any regular readers of this site. I never intended this to be a daily report on my views of the ASL world in the classic blogging sense. Rather, this is meant to be a repository of occasional product reviews and rules how-to segments, a way of conveying lessons learned from 5+ years of experience with ASL and 25+ years of consim gaming in general, and a method of giving back to the ASL community in general. The blog just seemed an interesting and unique (in the ASL online community) way of doing so, stimulated by my perusal of the extensive blogging community devoted to Major League Baseball. It's also given me a way of learning a bit more about HTML programming (purely as a hobby).

However, I did want the content to be updated more often than it has over the last two months. Real life interference has unfortunately made it hard to do so, but I plan to do a better job in the future. A couple of items should appear here in the next couple of days. Hopefully, I'll get around soon to creating a page gathering all of the "frequently forgotten rules" posts together, and will continue to add more such postings in the future. Despite the various problems, I think ASL is surviving just fine, with a great potential boost by the development of the Starter Kits, and I hope to keep this site contributing to the community for some time to come.

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