Saturday, May 29, 2004

Great ASL Moments, Part 2 

This is here just to relate some of those wonderful "I can't believe that happened" moments which make ASL so much fun.

In case you're wondering, Part 1 was given in Example 4 under the Infiltration article.

British turn, British HS and broken squad adjacent to a pinned German HS. Due to other German units, the broken squad doesn't have a legal rout path, and so surrenders to the adjacent German unit. The British HS immediately advances into the German's Location and eliminates the German in the first round of CC, thereby freeing the prisoner. The British unit was a prisoner from the end of the RtPh until the CCPh, a total of 2 phases, which based on 2-minute turns means he was captive for all of 30 seconds before being freed.

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