Thursday, April 08, 2004

More Easily Forgotten Rules 

8. A SMC who is wounded by a K/# result does not have to take the #MC (A7.302) - To quote from the rule: "...all other target units (including any just-Reduced HS) must take a MC, adding the number indicated (#) to the MC DR." If a squad is randomly selected to be casualty reduced, the remaining half-squad will take the MC along with all other units in the target Location. However, note that a SMC is not included in that quote. This has been confirmed by previous Q&A published in the Annuals and also in the A.9 example.

9. A MG is limited to a range of 16 hexes unless directed by a Leader, and all infantry targets greater than 16 hexes away are treated as concealed (A9.4) - Easily overlooked in the heat of the moment, especially with the longer range HMGs. Note the exceptions to the rule, especially CMG/IFE.

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