Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Is this the Golden Age? 

It is a great time to be active in ASL. Armies of Oblivion is just around the corner, thereby completing the core modules (with the exception of the Finnish module). MMP's upcoming projects should be worthy as well, with (from the sound of things) several Historical modules in various stages of development, including Valor of the Guards, Central Stalingrad/Red October, Ortona, and so on. The reprints of the ASLRB and Beyond Valor will hopefully take place within the next year. Perhaps most importantly, the new Starter Kit (which may or may not take the place of iASL) should be available in the next couple of months. This should make introducing new players to the system much less painful (for the newbies, that is) and hopefully supply new players for some time to come.

It may not be the Golden Age. Gone are the days when the supplier (Avalon Hill) could keep everything in stock almost indefinitely. ASL is now produced by people who are really hobbyists, just like the players, with limited resources. However, they are clearly no less dedicated to keeping the game alive (perhaps more so), and we owe all of them a great deal of gratitude. It may not be the Golden Age, but the future still looks very bright.

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